Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Break out the Kool-Aid!

Good Times is back on TV Land!

I was not much of an Anovelista this weekend because I was completely waylaid by the Good Times marathon. I got some work done, but not much, because I could not tear myself away from JJ tripping over his girlfriends (Henrietta! "Boom Boom" Belinda!) or watching proud, dignified First-Strong-Black-Father-On-Television James Evans; the infamous "Damn, Damn, Damn!" episode; Thelma and Keith's wedding,(!); Michael with his infamous picket signs, "Buffalo Butt" Bookman or Willona and Penny!

And what a treat to see Ernie Barnes's gorgeous artwork and some of the hilarious regular guests like Weepin' Wanda, played by the wonderful late theater veteran Helen Martin, ; "Lootin'" Lenny the Hustler ("Say blood, my name is Len-nay, and if I ain't got it, then there ain't any!), played by the pimptastically named Dap Sugar Willie or the smooth loanshark Sweet Daddy Williams ("The price of diamonds have gone up so much, my little pinkie's 'bout to go nekkid!"). There was even an extra treat watching Robert Guillaume take a break from the proper and educated Benson to play Fishbone the Wino! I'm sorry I missed the episode with Thelma and her first fiance Larry, played by the now brilliant director Carl Franklin (I know I am just one of many black girls at the time that loooved me some Larry!) I did see Thelma and her charming, polygamous Nigerian fiance, played by Johnny Sekka, easily Africa's ambassador to Black Hollywood in the 1970's. He was also in Roots and Uptown Saturday Night. TV Land is going to show Good Times every night at ten, but I think the marathon did the trick for me (unless I catch that Larry episode!)

I have to say though, the more I watched, and the more plentiful the "Dy-no-mite's" became, I was reminded of why John Amos and Esther Rolle left the show in a huff (although Esther Rolle returned of course for the last season.)

Night Court is also coming to TV Land. Where is Marsha "I'd Like To Climb Magic Johnson" Warfield?


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