Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Me This, Google Me That

I don't know these men -- or who wrote these articles.

However, when I google myself, my byline comes up on these silly pieces that I did not write. What is up with that?

"Keep Media" lists me as the author of a bachelor party article written in October 2003 and "Find Articles" has me as the author of an article on couple showers (as opposed to bridal showers) and one on groomsmen.

I did write two pieces for the real site, The Knot.com back in 1997 when they first started ("Groomsmen: Your Duties Explained" is one of them) even though only one shows up in the search on their site. I am positive that I got $150 per article and signed my life away (i.e. total rights into perpetuity) for those two articles, on hairweaves and grooming respectively. However, I never gave away the right to just slap my name on anything! I was never assigned, nor did I ever write anything else for The Knot - and I certainly didn't get any more money!

I guess I should be happy that my very first articles from way back aren't online. I like to think of them as my personal Ishtars.


Anonymous shirazi said...

You are so true. And you wrote much better than what I wrote. Thanks for stopping by there and leaving me comment that lead me here.

February 8, 2007 at 11:35 AM  

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