Monday, August 01, 2005

It's A Man's World, But It Wouldn't Be Nothin'.....

I'm glad to see that brothers are getting their due in Hollywood. Denzel, Samuel, Laurence, Jamie, Will, Eddie? Love you! Terrence Howard, Jeffrey Wright (hello!) I love 'em all!

But...(you knew there would be a but...)

Why does Hollywood continue to come up with excuse after excuse to keep Halle Berry as "The Only" black actress in town? Hey, thank God for Halle! She knows what's up - but damn!

It's almost cliche now (okay, it's totally cliche) to go on and on about how little we see of Angela Bassett. I mean, what else is there to say? I'm happy to see Diane Lane get starring role after starring role after her success in Unfaithful, especially since she's supposed to be "old" for Hollywood. I only wish the same would happen to actresses of every race, especially Asian actresses, who can be even more invisible than black women unless their name is Sandra Oh or Lucy Liu.



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