Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oprah: ASSuming The Worst; Get Well Mrs. King

The whole brouhaha over Oprah Winfrey not attending John H. Johnson's funeral is pretty ridiculous -- and pretty self-serving in some instances. Unlike many of us who read about people and watch them on television, Oprah and Johnson apparently knew each other personally -- so I think assumptions about why she didn't attend are just that -- ASS-umptions.


All of my best to Mrs. Coretta Scott King and to August Wilson.

So excited to see that Denise Nicholas has just published her first novel, Freshwater Road. It's about a young woman who takes time off from college in Michigan to become a Freedom Rider during the summer of 1964.
Hurricane Katrina crashes the VMA's. All the more reason to bring the party back to the Big Apple!



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