Monday, September 26, 2005

Dove Feels The Love From Oprah

I'm still cynical about the campaign and the product, but I thought it was nice to see The Dove women—Shanel, Julie, Lindsey, Sigrid, Gina and Stacy on her show last week. Apparently women who are battling anorexia are using their pictures for inspiration who are battling anorexia, which is nice to hear.

According to Dove's survey, only 13 percent of women are happy with their weight and body shape and I don't know that "real" people campaigns will change those numbers because it's been proven in study after study that attractive people get preferential treatment in life.

I happen to think that the American public likes their "real people" in the Teri Hatcher-Kelly Ripa mold -- Thin (via personal trainer/nutrionist/chef), pretty (via stylists/hairdressers/makeup artists) moms who seem to be completely unassuming, if not downright oblivious about their good looks. Hey, I'm even a little partial to Kelly Ripa myself since she's from South Jersey. Everytime I see her, I have the same thought (She's from Berlin! She went to Eastern!)

Anyway, now I'm wrestling with the definition of "real women". If you are fit or pretty by societal standards, does that mean you're not "real" anymore? Are attractive people automatically not "real?"

Just wondering... (well, actually I'm not 'wondering' -- I just thought I'd put it out there.)



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