Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And It Goes A Little Something Like This

So, after my first math class in a million years on Saturday morning, I took a walk through SoHo. My goal was to find this boutique on Greene Street that carried Alek Wek's handbags, but I never found it. I did find my way into my usual favorite (window!) shopping spots like La Perla and Louis Vuitton though.

As I walked further down Greene Street, I had to make my way through a crowd in front of a building. I had no idea what was going on, and really, it could have been anything - a cocktail party, an art gallery opening - I have happened upon all of those things in the past. But this time, I happened upon the Starbucks Salon. Turns out that Starbucks was test driving a new concept - an interactive gallery, coffeehouse and performance space (translation: an art gallery downstairs and performances - spoken word, music, and improv upstairs.) I had plans to walk back uptown to Whole Foods in Union Square, but I put it off to stick around when the barista told me that Darryl "DMC" McDaniels was going to perform. I figured hey, why not? The first concert I ever attended was a Run DMC concert when I was 13 years old - should be interesting.

He was definitely a lot of fun - and he looked good (great arms!) In fact, I think he looks better now than he did back in the day. DJ Charlie Chan Soprano (at least I think that's what he said his name was - I'm not a hip hop head folks) kicked things off with some old school, house party in your mama's basement back in 1983 scratching. Yes, I said scratching - do they still scratch today? Oh wait! They probably just sample it, right? Hahaha... When DMC came out, he asked for a moment of silence for the late Jam Master Jay, and then it was MAKE SOME NOISE!!! The fun thing for me is that the crowd was 90% white and grown - it was a Starbucks thing after all - and everybody knew all of the words to each song. And none of us were too cool to raise ya hands in the air and wave 'em like ya just don't care! He went through most of the Run DMC catalogue and then some - King of Rock, It's LikeThat, Mary Mary, It's Tricky, Peter Piper and yes, Walk This Way. He also did his new song, the one he does with Sarah McLaughlin Just Like Me. I think everyone in the audience knew the words to that one except me! In between the songs, he talked about rappers today not having respect for the pioneers and how, too often, their musical references don't go beyond the 10 year mark. They think Tupac and Biggie are old school! He also mentioned how kids never told him he was corny because he rapped I'm DMC in the place to be, I went to St. John's University, since kindergarten I acquired the knowledge and after twelfth grade I went straight to college! And yet, a few years ago, someone had the nerve to ask him how he could consider himself a true g because he went to school. Suckas...

Some other things that have caught my eye in the past week:

* Bill Clinton invited some political bloggers to his office in Harlem - and a little brouhaha erupted when it slowly dawned on the liberal/progressive bloggers that no black or Latino bloggers were present. Hmmm...

* Black celebrities on My Space - Don't ask me how I ended up finding and going through these pages, because I really do forget. Who knows what in the world I was looking for - you know how surfing is! In any event, Chris Tucker is kicking Gnarls Barkley on his page; Charlie Murphy is playing Computer Love and declares that he doesn't want kids; ex-Cosby kids Malcolm Jamal-Warner and Keshia Knight Pulliam have pages (Keshia doesn't seem to log on much, but Malcolm has music and poetry.) Someday, I'll blog about my embarrassing Malcolm Jamal Warner story - nothing he'd remember, but embarrassing for me nonetheless. David Alan Grier says that he has been collecting art by "emerging and mid-career American artists" for years and has a new late night syndicated talk/comedy show coming up in the spring. Soul Food actors Malinda Williams, Boris Kodjoe and his wife, the actress "formerly known as Nicole Ari Parker" have pages. Boris's brother Pat has a page too. I don't think Pat's famous, but uh, who cares! He's 6'7 and very handsome. Unfortunately for me, he also lives in Europe and declares that "literacy is for rich people." Um, okay...

And, would you believe Dr. Cornel West has a page? MySpace - endlessly fascinating...



Blogger Grace said...

I saw DMC recently and he does look really good! I love the new concept that Starbucks is trying out. Looks like a great atmosphere as well.

September 19, 2006 at 11:12 AM  
Blogger Miss Ahmad said...

there is a Coffee Bean coffee shop on Beverly that has an out door fire place, and a drive thru which always cracks me up.

we're gonna have to go back to the days of juke joints to escape the corporate hijacking of our culture!

September 19, 2006 at 2:52 PM  
Blogger Rakishrune said...

Speaking of the cosby kids, and old school hip hop...I was at the Apollo theatre in the mid-80's and me and my crew ran into Cockroach, chillin' out with Bizmarkie...it was kinda surreal, because they didn't seem to be two people that would hang out..at least in my mind. They were just chillin' on the mezzenine level, shootin' the breeze... Years later, when livin' in CT, I saw the BIZ at a gas station. I think he recognized me, so I asked, "remember when we met like 13 years ago at the Apollo". He looked at me like I was retarded.

September 19, 2006 at 10:01 PM  
Blogger Nichelle said...

Grace - The atmosphere was, I don't know, like a nicer Starbucks.

Glam - I feel ya on the corporate hijacking, but like I told Grace, it was basically a nicer Starbucks. As far as I'm concerned, the could revamp every Starbucks and do the same thing!

Rune - Do you really think Biz recognized you from way back when?

September 19, 2006 at 11:31 PM  
Blogger Rakishrune said...

I'm memorable...

September 20, 2006 at 12:44 PM  
Blogger Stephen Bess said...

Hello, I'm new here.
Wow! You took me back on that DMC thing. I was a huge fan back in 1984. I was 16 and I swore that I was a "B-Boy." :) Great post and blog!

September 27, 2006 at 11:07 AM  
Blogger Nichelle said...

Thanks Stephen!

September 28, 2006 at 5:31 AM  

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